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Terra Mystica

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Acrylic accessories for the board game Terra Mystica.

Overlays made for both the Terra Mystica Base Game and the Fire and Ice Expansion. If you already own our Terra Mystica overlays for the base game with removable corners the Fire and Ice Expansion is the right choice for you!

If you are purchasing our new Terra Mystica overlays with the Key insert, or have recently purchased this new overlay (it should match the photos of the Overlays currently on the website.) You only need to purchase the Fire and Ice keys for the expansion!

All overlays are made from the same 3mm clear cast acrylic!

 Any questions??  Head on over to our contact page to ask!



  • Upgraded Fire Key
    Terra Mystica Fire and Ice Keys
    Fire and Ice Key Set Our Fire and Ice Keys are the perfect match to our Updated Terra Mystica Overlays.  For those have purchased, or are purchasing our Terra Mystica Overlay with the inserted key.   With...
  • Terra Mystica Overlay with game - Side View
    Terra Mystica Acrylic Overlay Set
    Terra Mystica Overlays!   Updated! Terra Mystica Overlay, now redesigned to be compatible with our new Terra Mystica Fire and Ice Overlay.     The overlay is laser cut from 3mm clear cast acrylic...
  • Accolyte with Overlay
    Terra Mystica Fire and Ice Overlay Full Expansion
    Fire and Ice Full Expansion   Our Fire and Ice Expansion offered for owners of the Original Terra Mystica Overlays.  Due to changes in the graphics and gameplay we needed to update the style of our original...

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